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Who We Are

Ed Gallagher, Founder and Business Relationship Manager

Ed is an accomplished information technology leader with extensive experience partnering, planning, delivering and managing business solutions with innovative, cost-effective and relevant technologies.

He started his career as an Information Technology consultant servicing numerous small businesses in the healthcare, plumbing supply, construction and food distribution industries. As his career advanced, he worked his way up as an senior application developer for a public electronics and security manufacturer. As companies across Long Island began to struggle with larger ERP solutions and customizations, he went out on his own, forming his first consulting company, to not only help manage implementations but guide companies through the myriad of customizations that were needed to support company-centric initiatives and growth.

As Ed continued to grow with the companies he serviced, he spent the last 11 years as IT Director and Business Relationship Manager for a Fortune 20 company. It was during this time that Ed began to realize that having the ability to navigate the massive catalog and levels of IT service was getting more difficult. This became more evident when constrained by limited budgets and resources. Always finding creative ways to solve problems, Ed consistently delivered results to the companies he served and became a trusted strategic partner to the business divisions he supported.

The rate of change in information technology over the last several years has been unprecedented. From back-office application management, e-commerce integration, social media, wireless technology, cloud technology, mobile devices and security, just to name a few, it became clear that small to mid-sized companies were having trouble keeping up. Many don’t have adequate in-house IT staff to manage through these changes to remain viable and capitalize on business opportunities they have before them. Navigating through the expanse of options and right-sizing solutions has become a daunting task.

Recognizing that he had established a career’s worth of experience and relationships with top-rated partners, Ed formed Optimise Technology Group to help optimize business investments in technology. Our firm strives to become your trusted partner to help your company apply the appropriate technologies that support your business needs.