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Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing Solutions

Internet based services and solutions that provide shared computer processing resources and data to your computers and other devices on demand.


Why Optimise ?

  • We provide solutions that enable you to access your applications and data from any computer,
    virtually anywhere via internet connection.
  • We help you lower your computing costs using cloud-computing resources.
  • We provide solutions that leverage Cloud technology that can integrate with your business technology.

Cloud Computing technology continues to be embraced by more and more companies each day. The benefits include: cost-effective, agile, scalable and highly available solutions that can be accessed from just about anywhere, either locally or via an internet connection. The availability of  thousands of applications make it possible to find solutions that are relevant for your business. Advances in information backup and recovery solutions also make it easier and more affordable to protect your business data assets to guard against data loss, helping to boost your business continuity planning! Cloud Computing gives companies the power of paying for only the services and solutions they need, helping to manage costs in so they can be more predictable. We provide Cloud solutions that are safe, secure, affordable and readily available to suit your business needs.

  • Applications Hosting
  • Automated Backup & Recovery
  • IT Managed Support Services
  • Remote Computing Access
  • IP Telephony, Video Conferencing
  • Microsoft Office365 and MS Exchange
  • Microsoft Azure
  • and so much more . . .