Optimise Tech Group – Optimizing business with technology

We Optimise IT!

Cloud Computing Solutions

Internet based services and solutions that provide shared computer processing resources and data to your computers and other devices on demand.




Why Optimise ?

  • We provide solutions that enable you to access your applications and data from any computer, virtually anywhere via internet connection.
  • We help you lower your computing costs using cloud-computing resources.
  • We provide solutions that leverage Cloud technology that can integrate with your business technology.
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Web & Mobile Applications

Web site design, development and deployment on laptops, mobile and tablet devices.




Why Optimise ?

  • We build custom web sites and applications that get your business noticed.
  • We provide the ability for your customers to interact with your business via the web, and any wireless mobile device.
  • We create fully responsive mobile solutions that mirror your web site and keeps your company’s brand consistent.
  • Our innovative SEO – Search Engine Optimization strategies get your business noticed and allow you to track progress with easy to understand status reports!
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Computing Equipment (Hardware)

Laptop or desktop computers, tablets, mobile devices, printers, copiers, scanners, All In One’s, etc.



Why Optimise ?

  • We can save you money on all computer hardware purchases by leveraging our direct sourcing with our vendor partnerships!
  • We help you plan and implement the right configurations of equipment that you need today, as well as forecast future growth to get the most out of your equipment investment.
  • Proactive management of operating system software and patching to keep your equipment running optimally, minimizing computing downtime.
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Backup, Recovery & Security

Securely backup your company data and programs on, or off site, to protect your business’s intellectual property. The ability to restore from backups quickly and accurately on demand.



Why Optimise?

  • We create end-to-end backup and recovery solutions to protect your data and make it readily accessible, especially in the event of an unplanned outage.
  • We provide readily available access to your data and business systems in the event of a catastrophic event, minimizing down-time in the event of a local disaster.
  • We proactively monitor and update protections to help stay ahead of malicious attacks from virus, malware, spyware and ransom-ware.
  • We provide your business with virtually unlimited data storage capacity.
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Managed Support Services

Allows businesses to shift their computing operations and management to professional IT services organizations. This is especially useful for companies that do not have the budget for full-time or in-house IT staff.


Why Optimise?

  • We have dedicated and knowledgeable IT professionals that can manage your business technology 24×7. You have one number to call.
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to hire on-site computer staff.
  • We save you money by proactively performing system health checks to anticipate, identify and correct potential issues before they become problems.
  • We keep your business systems up to date to keep them operating optimally.


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Data Center

A Data Center is typically an on-site facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as servers, data storage and other network computing equipment.



Why Optimise?

  • We can help design, build and maintain your on-premises data center.
  • Need to move ? We can handle moving equipment between data centers.
  • We manage and maintain servers and network equipment as well as provide cabling and integration services for various data center technologies.
  • We provide and manage wireless access points, firewalls, network storage and telecommunications systems.
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An application is software that allows you to perform specific tasks. Apps for desktop or mobile computing can be either purchased “as is” or custom tailored to meet your business needs. Many apps are conveniently available via Cloud Computing Solutions.



Why Optimise?

  • We create cost effective and scalable applications at a reduced cost for your company.
  • We customize applications to tailor them to the needs of your business and customers.
  • We are adept at creating applications that streamline company operations and/or processes to leverage technology and operate more efficiently.
  • Our team of experts can research and help guide you to select pre-existing applications that can fit your business needs.
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Telephony & Video Conferencing

Telephone systems provide the backbone of communications for your business. Internet phones (referred to as “IP” Phones) provide low cost, easily configurable options for business. Many of today’s IP solutions integrate video conferencing, providing options for voice, video and remote meetings.



Why Optimise?

  • We provide the latest IP communications solutions to connect local and remote associates, customers and business associates.
  • We provide video conferencing services that allow cost effective alternatives to reduce business travel costs.
  • We have communications and conferencing solutions that enable set up and configuration to be done via the internet, making telecommunication management possible from virtually anywhere.
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Business Technology Strategy

By determining the business needs, then defining the goals to be achieved, a business technology strategy is then created to assure delivery of solutions that align to those goals. Proper planning allows the ability to optimally apply technology to achieve those goals and raise the probability for success !


Why Optimise?

  • We have a diverse and experienced team of experts whose goal is to help your company define your business and technology strategy in concert with each other, to position it for successful outcomes.
  • Our dedicated team of professionals will save you time, labor and management resources by utilizing project teams dedicated to delivering optimal results.
  • We work with you to continually monitor the value technology provides to your business to ensure goals are continually being maintained and met.
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